NextHeart by Bodymatter is a mobile-based, blood pressure management program that is personalized to each patient and is designed to help him or her better adhere to a physician's instructions and prescription(s). Patients can provide information to the NextHeart program about prescriptions assigned to them and any regimen they are directed to follow for at-home blood pressure monitoring. NextHeart uses this information to create a personalized schedule of blood pressure measurement and medication reminders for the patient. Patients are then accordingly reminded via smartphone or smartwatch notifications to take each dose and each blood pressure measurement. Patients can collect blood pressure measurements with the NextHeart app and see changes in their blood pressure on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Furthermore, patients can record whether they take or skip each dose associated with their prescription treatment.

Sleep Watch by Bodymatter is the first sleep monitoring app for Apple Watch to lets users collect their sleep statistics without the need to open apps at bedtime or upon rising. The app automatically detects and monitors estimated sleep time, awake time, sleeping heart rate and sleep quality, but allows users to manually adjust their results to more accurately track their patterns.