What is Bodymatter?

Bodymatter is an Orange County, CA based digital health startup focused on developing innovative software technologies that aim to empower individuals to improve their own health with personal, machine learning powered guidance. Bodymatter is the developer behind the top-ranked sleep monitoring system, Sleep Watch—the first automated sleep tracker for Apple Watch—that can help individuals improve their sleep habits through personalized insight. Bodymatter is the maker of NextHeart, a new way for patients to stay on track with their blood pressure management needs. 

How can I contact Bodymatter regarding one of its products?

We welcome your feedback. Please provide your Sleep Watch related input on the Sleep Watch customer help page. Or, send us a message regarding NextHeart on the NextHeart customer help page.

Is Bodymatter hiring?

Yes. At Bodymatter, we are looking for bright minds that can help us advance our mission to help people achieve better health through technology. If you are interested in joining the Bodymatter team; please send a letter and a copy of your resume to join AT bodymatter DOT io. Please be sure to let us know why you would like to join our startup and how you see yourself as a fit for our company. We look forward to reviewing your submission!

I'm a researcher interested in collaborating with Bodymatter. Whom should I contact?

We'd love to hear from you. We believe that digital health technology can most effectively be advanced through open collaboration between independent researchers and industry. To get in touch with a member of the team please submit your information via our contact form.

What's the story behind Bodymatter?

Bodymatter was founded in 2016 with a mission to help people achieve better health with the aid of technology. Bodymatter believes that the future of clinical practice is built on personalized intervention tailored to the need of each and every patient and physician. We believe that technology can help scale health care and improve outcomes.

Bodymatter has chosen to focus its efforts on sleep and cardiovascular health. 310 million human life years are lost each year prematurely to cardiovascular disease, more than any other condition or disease in the world. It is estimated that sleep deficiency costs developed nations' economies over $600B a year.

In early 2017 the founding Bodymatter team was augmented by the addition of key technical team members and by Ryan Archdeacon the former CEO of AuraLife, the maker of Instant Blood Pressure. Also in 2017, Dr. Eugene Spiritus, former Chief Medical Officer of University of California, Irvine Medical Center joined the Bodymatter leadership team as CEO.

How do I contact someone with a media inquiry?

Please visit our Media Center page for media contact information.

Does Bodymatter have a medical or scientific advisory team?

Yes. Bodymatter regularly consults with medical advisors whom collectively have over decades of experience practicing in the clinic and over 10 years of experience serving as executive leadership at a major hospital healthcare system that sees over 55,000 patients each year.